Hydraflow® Flexible Couplings

Hydraflow Fluid couplings for aircraft are available in threaded or "clam-shell" styles depending on the application.

Clamshell couplings have the advantage of quick installation and a visible locking flag.

Both types can be used as connections in aircraft fuel, potable water, oxygen and environmental control systems.

Leading aircraft manufacturers around the world rely on the high integrity of these couplings.

11J03 Series

11J09 Series

12J36 Series

12J63 Series

12J70 Series

14J02 Series

14J34 Series

15J02 Series

16J02 Series

16J09 Series

17J02 Series

18J02 Series

19J02 Series

21J02 Series

LC501 Series

LC525 Series

TC106 Series