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Clarendon Specialty Fasteners is a leading stockist and distributor of fastening systems to the aerospace, defence, high performance automotive and general industry.

The Clarendon Specialty Fasteners product portfolio continues to develop in order to meet a wide diversity of customer requirements. 

The scope of products covers a variety of standard and specialty fasteners and associated components with multiple end use applications.  

Aerospace Products

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Clarendon Specialty Fasteners offer a comprehensive range of industry standards for aerospace fasteners and precision components. Key product lines include standard hardware fasteners, fluid fittings for both structural and non-structural applications. All products are from “Factory New” sources, fully traceable and in line with specific customer approvals.

Commercial Products

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Clarendon Specialty Fasteners stock a wide range of commercial products from an established supplier network.

Commercial products are used in all industry sectors on a variety of applications and can offer these as part of any special consolidation activity or vendor reduction exercise.

Engineered Products

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Clarendon Specialty Fasteners offer a wide range of bespoke engineered products covering the aerospace, motorsport, defence and industrial sectors.

Our in-house technical design team provide a variety of different product solutions suitable for specialist applications.

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