6 Point Wrenchable Nuts

Wrenchable Nuts offer tremendous versatility for design and functionality. 

Wrenching styles include hexagon and double hexagon configurations in a variety of steels and plating types.

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StylePart NumberMS Part NumberSize
Standard K-NutH14-3MS21042L310/32 UNF
H14-4MS21042L41/4 UNF
H14-5MS21042L55/16 UNF
H14-6MS21042L63/8 UNF
H14-7-7/16 UNF
H14-8-1/2 UNF
H14-9-9/16 UNF
H14-10-5/8 UNF

Standard K-Nut


StylePart NumberLN Part NumberSize
Standard K-NutHM14-030LN9338-03M3 (3x0.5)
HM14-040LN9338-04M4 (4x0.7)
HM14-050LN9338-05M5 (5x0.8)
HM14-060LN9338-06M6 (6x1.0)
HM14-070LN9338-07M7 (7x1.0)
HM14-080LN9338-08M8 (8x1.25)
HM14-080FLN9338-08X1M8 (8x1.0)
HM14-100LN9338-10M10 (10x1.5)
HM14-100FLN9338-10x1.25M10 (10x1.25)
HM14-120LN9338-12M12 (12x1.5)
HM14-120FLN9338-12x1.25M12 (12x1.25)
HM14-120x1.75-M12 (12x1.75)
HM14-140LN9338-14M14 (14x1.5)


StylePart NumberMS Part NumberSize
High Temperature K-NutH41-3MS21043-310/32 UNF
H41-4MS21043-41/4 UNF
H41-5MS21043-55/16 UNF
H41-6MS21043-63/8 UNF
H41-7-7/16 UNF
H41-8-1/2 UNF
H41-9-9/16 UNF
H41-10-5/8 UNF

High Temperature K-Nut


StylePart NumberLN Part NumberSize
High Temperature K-NutHM41-030LN9161-03M3 (3x0.5)
HM41-040LN9161-04M4 (4x0.7)
HM41-050LN9161-05M5 (5x0.8)
HM41-060LN9161-06M6 (6x1.0)
HM41-070LN9161-07M7 (7x1.0)
HM41-080LN9161-08M8 (8x1.25)
HM41-080FLN65410-08M8 (8x1.0)
HM41-100LN9161-10M10 (10x1.5)
HM41-100FLN65410-10MM10 (10x1.25)
HM41-120LN9161-12M12 (12x1.5)
HM41-120F-M12 (12x1.25)


StylePart NumberSize
K-Nut Integral WasherHW14-310/32 UNF
HW14-41/4 UNF
HW14-55/16 UNF
HW14-63/8 UNF
HW14-77/16 UNF
KFN542-81/2 UNF
KFN542-99/16 UNF
KFN542-105/8 UNF

K-Nut integral Washer


StylePart NumberSize
K-Nut Integral WasherHWM14-030M3 (3x0.5)
HWM14-040M4 (4x0.7)
HWM14-050M5 (5x0.8)
HWM14-060M6 (6x1.0)
HWM14-070M7 (7x1.0)
HWM14-080M8 (8x1.25)
HWM14-080FM8 (8x1.0)
HWM14-100M10 (10x1.5)
HWM14-100FM10 (10x1.25)
HWM14-120M12 (12x1.5)
HWM14-120FM12 (12x1.75)