SpiralockĀ® Self-Locking Threaded Solutions

Clarendon Specialty Fasteners provides a comprehensive range of SpiralockĀ® taps, gauges and locknuts:

  • Taps & Gauges: Eliminate thread locking inserts or adhesives by tapping your own locking threads with the SpiralockĀ® threading system. Apply SpiralockĀ® to castings, structures and components by using SpiralockĀ® taps and threaded forming inserts with their corresponding gauges.
  • Locknuts: The unique SpiralockĀ® female thread form with a 30Ā° ramp on its major diameter gives a free running locknut until it is torqued up, the major diameter of the bolt then engages this ramp and provides a secure lock - so secure in fact that it is used in the Space Shuttle engines, medical implants and turbochargers.

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The Junker Test
Spiralock Explainer Video