Aircraft Placards, Decals and Nameplates

Clarendon Specialty Fasteners, Inc. are a leader in the aerospace market for manufacturing placards, decals, and nameplates for all aircraft platforms, in all languages, with short lead times. Our customer service team is committed to your complete customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our high quality, low prices, and on time delivery.


Clarendon Specialty Fasteners, Inc. specializes in all aircraft placards, decals, and nameplates. We offer a wide range of materials, in a variety of colors and adhesives. We continually research new processes and materials to be able to supply the highest quality products to meet your requirements.


One of our most versatile processes is MetalPhoto. The process permanently seals a UV-stable image inside of anodized aluminum, offering the confidence of unparalleled durability, image resolution and readability. Expected to last 20-50 years indoors/outdoors, with exceptional resistance to water, UV light, dirt, abrasives, chemicals, solvent and much more.


The Silkscreen process is a durable option which utilizes surface print as well as sub-print. This process is used to create an affordable, high quality print, multi-color designs on a wide variety of substrates. We can virtually screen print on anything using our broad inventory of materials or your furnished product.

Clarendon Specialty Fasteners, Inc. mixes all specialty colors in house including: Pantone, Federal Standard, BAC, RAL and NCS.


With your supplied translations, we can make placards in any language and have the ability to include barcodes on your aerospace identification products. We can supply all necessary certifications and perform AS9102 FAI inspections.

Interior & Cabin Placard Kits

At Clarendon Specialty Fasteners, Inc. we offer interior placard catalogues. These kits include hundreds of interior placards, neatly organized and stored in clear plastic sleeves for visibility and protection. Each sleeve includes a copy of the placement instructions for each placard. The placard installer is able to quickly access and apply each placard inside the aircraft.