The Avdel® range of structural blind fasteners and tooling from Stanley Engineered Fasteners, offers the broadest range available, meaning our customers can find the most appropriate technology for their application.

Clarendon Specialty Fasteners are an approved distributor of Stanley Engineered Fastening and can offer technical support alongside Stanley.

The Avdel range:

Specialist & Structural Blind Fasteners

World renowned, premium quality engineered fasteners for single sided access.


Structural vibration-resistant fasteners with high clamp load performance and multi-grip capabilities.

Speed Fastening®

High speed, blind-sided assembly.

Avseal® Blind Sealing Plugs

Efficient sealing performance in low and high pressure systems.

Blind Rivet Nuts

Avdel threaded inserts provide a fast, reliable and cost effective method of inserting high quality, load bearing threads.

Want to find our more? 

Multi-grip performance and consistent, high-performance assembly with the Avdel fastening system.

Structural breakstem fasteners for dynamically loaded applications, offering a locked stem for exceptional high strength.

The Lockbolt comprises of two pieces that create high-strength joints and withstand the toughest environments. 

Speed Fastening systems are designed to provide quick and efficient assembly of a multitude of components. 

Commonly used in engine, transmission and manifold blocks, Avseal is ideal for challenging sealing applications, such as thin walls and restricted spaces. 

Avdel blind rivet nuts are ideal for a fast, reliable and cost effective method of inserting load bearing threads. 

  • Rivet Tool -ProSet® PB3400 Cordless
  • Nut Tool - ProSert XTN20 Rivet 
  • NeoBolt® Tool - PB2500N