Avdel Speed Fastening Systems

For high speed assembly of various components and materials, the Avdel® speed fastening systems can be magazine-fed or fed via a vibrating bowl. 

  • High speed assembly with magazine fed tool or automation
  • Highly controlled with low placing load shock
  • No stem rattle, no debris, no waste
  • Vibration resistant, Corrosion resistant
  • Eco friendly, Zero waste
  • Up to 60% lighter than conventional rivets or screws

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Avdel® NeoSpeed®

NeoSpeed® offers a strong, fast fastening solution with multi-grip capability various material thickness.


  • Sizes: 3.2 mm (1/8") to 4.8 mm (5/32")
  • Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel A4, Aluminum
  • Head Styles: Mushroom, Countersunk

Avdel® Briv®

With its distinctive bulbed tail, the Briv speed fastener provides a high joint clamp with the foreshortening of the fastener during installation.


  • Sizes: 2.4mm (3/32") to 6.0mm
  • Materials: Aluminum alloy, steel, stainless steel, brass, and tin plated brass*
  • Headforms: Dome/mushroom, countersunk

Avdel® Chobert®

Provides a controlled clamp, ideal for brittle materials.


  • Sizes: 2.4mm to 6.4mm (3/32" to ÂĽ")
  • Materials: Aluminum alloy, steel, brass, nickel plated brass, and tin plated brass*
  • Headform: Dome/mushroom and countersunk

Avdel® Double Flush Chobert®

Designed for applications using extremely thin sheet metals. 


  • Size: 3.2 mm (1/8") diameter
  • Material: Steel with Zinc clear passivation
  • Head Form: Countersunk

Avdel® Grovit®

Suitable for blind hole applications and can be used with various materials.


  • Sizes: 2.4mm to 4.8mm (3/32" to 3/16")
  • Materials: Aluminum alloy and steel
  • Headforms: Dome/mushroom or countersunk

Avdel® Avtronic®

Ideal for attaching connectors and components to PCBs and other electronic components.


  • Sizes: 2.5mm and 2.8mm
  • Materials: Electro tin plated* brass and aluminum alloy (WEEE & RoHS compliant)
  • Headforms: Dome

Avdel® Avsert®

Ideal use on PCBs and other electronic components the Avsert is a threaded stand-off pillar with various metric internal threads and stand-off heights.


  • Sizes: M2.5 X 0.45 and M3 X 0.5 threads
  • Material: Tin plated* brass

Avdel® Avlug®

Avlug provides a secure, easy-to-solder post and can be used in terminals and for wire wrapping.


  • Sizes: 1.6mm, 2.4mm and 3.2mm (1/16'', 3/32" and 1/8'')
  • Materials: Electro tin plated* brass (WEEE & RoHS compliant)
  • Headforms: Dome