when only robust security will do

Lock-Out® the security industry’s most innovative security fastener, prevents theft, sabotage, along with protecting intellectual property.

Key Features

  • High Torque
    - Elliptical design allows greater toque across entire drive
  • Oval Centre Pin
    - Inability to drill oval hole prevents theft
  • Unique Lobes
    - Endless unique keys/drives
  • SEMS
    - Pre-assembled screw and washer options
  • AS9100 controlled production
    - Assured full traceability

Lock-Out® security bolts and screws allow high torque and limits access 

to only those with proprietary “keys”.

Parker’s patented system prevents unauthorised access to bolted or screwed compartments using generic or custom key/drive configurations. Giving protection against theft, sabotage along with preventing access to compartments with sensitive contents.

Range Overview:

Versions include socket head, flat head and button head socket cap screws.

Material options include Stainless Steel, A286, Alloy and Carbon Steel

Other generic versions includes flat head and pan head sheet metal screws with type A or type AB threads in carbon steel zinc plate and 18-8 Stainless Steel.

Diameter range from M1.4-M16, #0-#10 and 1/4"-5/8".

Low minimum order quantities.

Lock-Out® solves a wide range of application requirements where theft or restricted access prove important:

  • Mechanical compartments
  • Utility vaults or boxes
  • Prisons
  • Schools
  • Street furniture
  • Fencing/security barriers
  • Defence vehicles and transportation equipment
  • Agriculture
  • Trains & buses
  • Public buildings & signage
  • Surveillance and communication equipment