Quarter Turn Fasteners

We stock a wide range of quick operating, high performance turn fasteners in various lengths and head configurations. Quarter Turns are ideal for applications where fast and frequent access is required. The labour saving range that is offered helps in reducing installation costs when tight assembly deadlines need to be met:

  • Max tensile strength 10000 N
  • Small-size fastener for high tensile load
  • Wide range of conventional stud assembly and receptacle designs

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Light Duty

Max. tensile strength 1330 N

Medium Duty

Max tensile strength 4700 N

Heavy Duty

Max tensile strength 10000 N

Stud selection tip:

When selecting a quarter turn fastener assembly, it is essential to know the grip range of your application.

Grip (G) = Panel (P) + Frame (F)


Light Duty

Medium Duty

Heavy Duty

Receptacle selection tips:

  • Receptacles are available in a range of styles, materials and finishes.
  • When selecting a receptacle it is important to note that different styles will affect the Grip range of the final assembly. 
  • See PDF in 'Downloads' window for more information, or contact the office to speak to a Sales Engineer.

Retaining Washers

Light Duty

Medium Duty

Heavy Duty