Automatically manage your inventory requirements with real time usage and replenishment notifications




Clarendon AIR

Automatic Inventory Replenishment

The innovative Kanban/VMI solution utilising RFID twin-bins. Clarendon AIR provides the capability to automatically manage the inventory requirements of your business through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags which are located in the bin hardware. This provides real time usage for any parts consumed and replenishment notifications transmitted at the touch of a button.

How does it work?

Clarendon Air VMI - The Process

Watch the video

Clarendon Air Inventory System - How it works video

Clarendon AIR Hardware


  • Bottom bin contains loose inventory (owned by customer)
  • Top bin contains consignment inventory (owned by Clarendon)
  • Free standing standard racking/multi-purpose solutions that can be retro fitted to existing workstations


  • Unique bag ID
  • No mixed batches in bag
  • Unique barcode
  • Customised bag sizes


  • No need to scan individual barcode
  • Scan range - up to 30ft/9m
  • Immediate transmission to Clarendon ERP

Management Software


  • Consumption Analysis by part/bin/rack/location
  • View/search activity on all live data bins/workstations
  • Add bin/replace bin/change quantity functionality
  • Various reporting and KPI's (OTD, NCR)
  • Paperwork and certificates management


  • Live feed via RFID signal into Clarendon ERP through bespoke technology
  • Daily alerts for urgent requirements
  • Confirmation of scans via email to dedicated VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) account manager

Business Benefits




Significantly reduce inventory on site

Reduction in vendor base

Reduce overheads with consolidated invoicing

Improve cash flow management

PoU (Point of Use) workstations providing increased productivity and flexibility

Consignment stock on site and reduction of transactional inventory

Decrease excess or obsolete inventory

Elimination of shortages and stock-outs

Complete Supply Chain Management

Dedicated customer web portal

Customised reporting and forecast tools

Dedicated customer inventory in Clarendon warehouse


  • Dedicated VMI Support Account Manager
  • On-site training and process manual/handbook

  • Versatile approach for each of the individual business needs
  • Customised monthly reporting and review meetings