Stocking an extensive range of O-Rings, Clarendon Specialty Fasteners can supply all sizes of BS 1806 Imperial and BS 4518 Metric. 

French and German standards are also available in a variety of materials including Nitrile, Fluorocarbon (Viton), Silicone and EPDM, plus many specials of shore hardness. 

We also offer a unique 100% inspection service for critical applications.

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What are o-rings used for?

O-rings are a type of rubber seal used in the motorsport industry to provide an airtight and waterproof connection between two components. They consist of a torus, or doughnut shape, with a round cross-section that fits into a circular groove in the mating surfaces. O-rings are used in many areas of motorsport such as engines, brakes and fuel systems to ensure a reliable connection and seal is maintained. They are also used to connect hoses, valves and other components together. As the motorsport industry relies on performance and reliability under extreme conditions, quality o-rings are essential for ensuring these connections remain airtight and waterproof. High performance o-rings are designed for optimum sealing capabilities, enabling motorsport teams to be confident in their vehicle's performance.

Why choose Clarendon for your o-ring supply?

Clarendon Specialty Fasteners have been the leading supplier of fasteners and sealing products to the motorsport industry for over 20 years. Our expertise and technical knowledge ensure you receive the best high quality o-rings. Our inspection team are on hand to thoroughly inspect and analyse all stock coming in. If you have any queries about o-rings then please contact our Sales Team.