Providing custom made fasteners to the Space industry

Clarendon Specialty Fasteners are a leading distributor and manufacturer of Aerospace fasteners and hardware. In addition to stocking an extensive range, we also manufacture fasteners that can be made to custom drawings, in a variety of materials including exotic materials such as Titanium, with full material traceability. Manufactured products include Potted Inserts for sandwich panels, SEMS Screws and Captive Screws, plus small custom assemblies and kitting.

Space Market

Clarendon Specialty Fasteners are a leading stockist and manufacturer of aerospace fasteners and hardware. We manufacture inserts that are commonly used in honeycomb and aluminium panels and hold extensive stock of fully traceable aerospace standards including NAS, MS, AN ABS, LN, BAC and AS and commercial products.

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Trusted Supplier

  • AS/EN 9100 Approved
  • Leading fastener stockiest & distributor
  • In-house design and technical support
  • Full material & batch traceability
  • FAI reports


We stock a wide array of aerospace products across both European and American standards including; NAS, AS, MS, NFL and AN.


Launchers and Spacecraft

Standard and bespoke aerospace standards

  • Aerospace Standard Hardware and Fasteners
  • Parts in Metric and Imperial
  • Fasteners from leading OEM manufacturers


Hydraulic Fittings

Drilled Bolts for Safety Wire

Aerospace Screws, Rivets
and Nutplates



Bolts & Screws



Hydraulic Fittings

Bus and Platform Structures

Manufactured inserts for honeycomb and aluminium structures

  • Custom made inserts for sandwich panels, available in aluminium and other metals
  • Aerospace standard hardware, available in both metric and imperial
  • Choice of materials and finishes


Inserts for Sandwich Panels

Aerospace Standard Nuts & Anchor Nuts

Potted Inserts

Anchor Nuts


Bolts & Screws

Payload and Instruments

Providing engineered solutions

  • Clarendon Made (CM) inserts and fasteners
  • Micro-SEMS Screws starting from 1.6mm metric and 2-56 imperial
  • Configurations to suit all applications


SEMS Screws


Captive Screws


SEMS Screws

Socket Head Screws


Captive Screws

Solar Array

Products made for extreme environments

  • Inserts in various materials and finishes
  • Manufactured to customer specification
  • Heat rejective tapes and films


Inserts for Composite and Aluminum Panels

Heat Tapes and Films

Potted Inserts

Captive Screws

Heat Tapes

Threaded Inserts