Avdel Lockbolts

The Lockbolt comprises of two pieces that create high-strength joints and withstand the toughest environments. 


From the Stanley Engineered Fastening Avdel range, the NeoBolt® non-breakstem lockbolt fastening system offers an eco-friendly, high strength and vibration resistant option for heavy-duty structural applications.

NeoBolt® fasteners are widely used on railway, truck & trailer, commercial vehicles, solar & wind energy, screening equipment, fencing and security screens, construction, overland infrastructure, and power and utility service applications.

NeoBolt® lockbolts can be placed with a range of installation tools.

Neobolt Lockbolt System

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Key Benefits:

  • No pin break
  • No metal waste
  • Avoids corrosion at stem break point (vs. traditional lockbolts)
  • Reduced pin size and weight for lower warehousing and shipping cost
  • Locking groves for superior vibration resistance (vs. traditional lockbolts)
  • Helical “fitup” form allows rapid pre-assembly of collar on pin
  • No need to support the pin during the placing operation
  • Ideal for upside-down installation
  • Radial bar indicators on flange for quick visual swage inspection upon placing
  • Fast, non-operator reliant installation for improved productivity
Diameter Pin Collar
Material Finish Material Finish
3/16" (4.8 mm)* Steel Steel Steel Steel
1/4" (6.4 mm)* Aluminium or Steel Magni 565 (Steel) Aluminium or Steel Magni 560 (Steel)
5/16" (8.0 mm)* Aluminium None Aluminium None

NeoBolt® Cordless Lockbolt Tool

Key Benefits:

  • Mobility which eliminates the need for expensive support equipment
  • Easy to use tool-less nose housing and collet
  • Long-Lasting 20V Li-Ion 4.0Ah Battery powered by DEWALT with only a 30 minute charge time
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle for operator comfort and improves access around structures
  • Rapid placing capability reduces assembly time and money
  • Powerful 8.9 kN pulling force and 25mm stroke