Avseal Blind Sealing Plugs

Efficient sealing fastener solution for applications such as powertrains, engines, transmissions and manifolds.

Key Benefits:

  • Blind hole, one-sided installation capability.
  • Fully annealed sleeve yields high sealing performance.
  • Improved seal and wider hole tolerance.
  • Larger hole tolerance. Simplified hole alignment when automated placing is required.
  • Internal lock. Flat nose tip and ease of use.
  • Improved stem retention and increased vibration resistance.
  • No locking ring formed by nose tip. Standard equipment reduces preventative maintenance.
  • Tapered sleeve and stem allows ease of entry with standard tooling.
  • Suited to automated systems, seal quality is not operator dependent
  • Available as a customized design to meet your unique assembly requirements.
  • Popular assembly applications include thin wall applications, restricted space, shorter hole length, high-pressure applications, holes with large tolerance, and automotive low-pressure applications.


  • 4mm - 12mm in the high-pressure version (Avseal 2961 series)
  • 9mm - 16mm in the low-pressure version, primarily for automotive applications (Avseal 2964 series)
  • Low-pressure version offers a reduced radial expansion force.