Clarendon Specialty Fasteners are an official distributor for the Alcoa, Kaynar, Simmonds and Republic range of aerospace nuts, which are extremely practical for a broad range of material fastening applications. 

They are especially useful in blind applications or where an attached nut facilitates maintenance.

Clarendon Specialty Fasteners also supply aerospace wrenchable nuts which offer tremendous versatility in design and functionality. 

Wrenchable nuts are available in hexagon and double hexagon configurations in a variety of steels and plating types.


Technical Data:

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  • Metric nuts: hex and anchor
  • Press nuts: fixed and floating
  • Sealing nuts: standard and miniature
  • Shank nuts
  • Spline nuts
  • Hex nuts: nylon insert, all metal; heavy, light, and miniature
  • Twelve point (double hex) nuts
  • Nut Plates: anchor nut plates, fixed nut plates, floating nut plates, high strength nut plates, self-locking nut plates
  • Anchor nuts & Plate nuts: one-lug, two-lug, corner, right-angle; full-size, miniature; fixed, floating; locking, and non-locking
  • Barrel nuts and retainers
  • Solid Nuts
  • Capped nuts & Dome nuts: anchor and hex
  • Clinch nuts: nylon insert, all metal; heavy, light, and miniature
  • Clip nuts: sheet metal, connector mounting



Anchor Nuts

6 Point Wrenchable Nuts

12 Point Wrenchable Nuts