15J02 Series Flexible Coupling

15J02 Series

Self Locking: Threaded closure locks automatically when nut detent mechanism engages the detents along the face of the body. Assembly and disassembly are performed by hand without tools.

Lightweight: Lightest of the threaded couplings.

Meets Military/Commercial Requirements: Coupling design has been qualified to all applicable military specification requirements for flexible fuel coupling systems with service pressures of 125 PSIG (operating, 250 PSIG (proof), and 375 PSIG (burst), temperatures from -65°F to 450°F and side loads for rotor craft.

Self Bonding: Electrical bonding to class "S" of MIL-B-5087B is automatically provided when the coupling is assembled.

Flexible: Axial adjustment is 0.28" nominal; angular misalignment is ±4° for full coupling.

Coupling Flanges: The coupling flanges are mechanically attached (swaged or welded) to tube ends. Information about tooling and installation procedure is available from Hydraflow upon request.

Non-captive: The coupling is non-captive; it can be installed over flanges or pump ends with machined-on flanges

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15J02 series