11J09 Series Flexible Coupling

11J09 Series

Meets Military/Commercial Requirements: Coupling design conforms to all applicable military and commercial specification requirements for flexible fuel or air couplings intended for service at pressures of 125 PSIG (operating), 250 PSIG (proof) and 375 PSIG (burst) and temperature from -65° to +300°F.

Flexible: Axial motion and angular flexibility are defined by dimension "D". As much as ±5° angular flexibility is provided at a minimum gap of .08 inches.

Retains Axial Growth: After tightening, the coupling provides restraint against axial growth when pressure is applied allowing at the same time additional angular and inward axial motion.

Self Bonding: Integral bonding to class "S" of MIL-B-5087B is automatically provided with P/N SP037-(SIZE) bonding spring.

Removable Coupler and Nut: 11J09 series couplings are designed for -32 and smaller sizes. Both coupler and nut are captive. For larger sizes, see 11J03 series.

Installation Instructions

  1. 11J09 series couplings have captive coupler and captive nut must be slipped over the opposing tube ends before flanges are swaged to the tubing.
  2. When coupling is ready to be assembled, install both seals and lubricate lightly both seal O.D. and coupler I.D. 
  3. Slide coupler over both flanges until firm contact is established between chamfered shoulder on coupler I.D. and the flange spherical surface.
  4. Not more than one thread may be exposed with coupling in fully extended position.