14J02 Series Flexible Coupling

14J02 Series

Locks Automatically: Clam-shell closure locks automatically when two halves are snapped together and cannot disengage accidentally since all three latch pawls must be lifted simultaneously to disengage the latch.

Quick Disconnect: Quick disconnect action of the latch simplifies and facilitates assembly and removal with one hand.

Easily Inspected: Visual inspection from a distance provides positive indication that the closure is fully engaged and securely locked.

Flexible: Axial adjustment 1/4" angular misalignment is ±4° for full couplings.

Meets Military/Commercial Requirements: Coupling design conforms to and has been qualified to all applicable military and commercial specification requirements for flexible fuel couplings, environmental control systems or potable water systems.

Lightning: Protection is provided to at least 1500 amperes when tested per MIL-STD-1757A, method T03 using current component B waveshape.

Self Bonding: Electrical bonding to class "S" of MIL-B-5087B is automatically provided when the coupling is assembled.

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14J02 series