Supporting Products

Clarendon Specialty Fasteners offer a variety of supporting products to enhance your application.

These include:

  • Cotters 
  • S-Hooks
  • Lanyards
  • Bulk Terminals
  • Rivets
  • Cable


Bow - Tie Locking Cotter works like a hairpin cotter but locks itself on! Push or pull cotter leg into hole, Bow-tie snaps into a zero-tension lock position. 

Hair Cotters are spring-type cotters made to be reusable. Pivot Point hair pin cotters are made exclusively to our exact specifications.

Double Loop Hair Pin Cotters add flexibility for a wider fit range. Stresses are evenly spread throughout the loop giving longer life and more repeatability. 

Infinity S-Hooks' innovative design allows you to connect components quickly and securely without tools! This time and labor saving fastener snaps on and off without bending or pinching ends. 


Nato Green Lanyards are stainless steel cables coated in green vinyl. Available with ends terminated in crimped loop or eyelet to desired length.

Nylon Lanyards consists of one end as a loop, supplied open. Attach to component then "snap" together! Loop is permanently locked. Available with either a moulded loop or eyelet on the other end. Stocked in 10" (assembled) Lengths.

Steel Lanyards are available in a selection of high quality assemblies 3/64 to 1/8 cable diameter for light duty retention. These lanyards are typically attached to pins and other fasteners to prevent loss.

Ball Plungers

Non-threaded design push-fits into hole.

Spring loaded ball forms bearing surface which retracts and then snaps into opposing hole or groove. Use for locating or positioning in drawers,doors, dies and other fixtures.

Specials available in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes. Stock sizes are low carbon steel, black oxide finish


Bulk Terminals

Bulk lanyard components available from stock. Purchased what you need to make your own assemblies. High quality precision parts will do the job right.

Oval Sleeves, stop sleeves and lanyard tabs can be assembled with our cable crimp tool. Steel stamped eyes require special assembly equipment.


Bulk Cable

Bulk aircraft cable cut to length or on spools is available from stock in gavanized steel of stainless, bare or coated. 

Construction is 7x7 aircraft quality for strength and flexibility.