These versatile filters are easily recognizable by their twin bright red bands around the top and bottom; they should not be confused with the many inferior types of foam air filters. The red bands are the visible part of two fiber-reinforced nylon injection moldings which form the structure to which three-layer filter foam is bonded. The outer two layers give optimum filtration and "load-up" capacity, while the inner layer is made of a special fire retardant filter foam. Together they give the best combination for airflow, engine protection and safety. 


Selection of the filter element depends on the amount of room available. We recommend fitting the tallest filter element you can, with a minimum gap of 1/2" (13mm) over the top of the filter for air to circulate. If rampipes are used there must be a gap between the end of the pipe and the underside of the top of the filter: 3/4" (19mm) is an absolute minimum, and 1 1/4" (32mm) is preferable


We receive one to two air shipments from the ITG factory each month. Thus, delivery time is usually not more than a few weeks for a custom made ultra high quality and high performance air filter.

Most types of Megaflow filters are available in both the flat or dome-shape. A dome-shaped filter is referred to as "sausage". Sausage type filters must be special-ordered from the factory.

Baseplates for Megaflow filters are available as blanks (aluminum) or pre-cuts (red powder coated steel) to fit a variety of carburetors and injectors. Blanks are stock items whereas application-specific pre-cuts are typically special order from the factory.