Gedore Torque Tools

Engineering and manufacturing businesses depend on the accurate measurement and application of torque to nuts, bolts and threaded fasteners. Adherence to the correct torque specification ensures process conformity, product quality, product safety and reliability.

When accuracy and consistency really matter, Clarendon Specialty Fasteners choose Gedore Torque as our preferred torque tooling partner. Used in industries such as Aerospace, Defence, Space, Automotive, Medical, Railway, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas and General Industry, including production, quality control, research & development and servicing.

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Torque Measuring Tools

Torque measuring tools are used in many manufacturing and engineering businesses to check, determine or apply the correct level of torque, using a dial or digital readout. They perform a crucial role in Audit, Inspection, Production, Quality Control, Research & Development and Servicing environments.

The accurate application of torque is essential for process conformity, product safety and total reliability. Service problems and product failure can often be the result of insufficient or excessive torque. Gedore Torque measuring tools minimise these problems by ensuring that the correct torque settings can be applied and checked, with absolute repeatable accuracy.

Torque measuring tools are available as Torque Screwdrivers or Torque Wrenches. They are fitted with a dial or digital readout, which enables torque to be measured as it is applied or when the maximum torque value has been reached.

Torque Application Tools

Gedore Torque offers the world’s most comprehensive range of torque application tools.

Torque application tools are used to apply a set torque to a fastener. When used, torque applying tools will slip, break or click to signal to the operator when the set torque is reached.

Torque application tools are available as both screwdrivers and wrenches, with a wide torque range to suit all application requirements. Choose from Preset Tools, that enable the consistent application of the same level of torque, or Calibrated Scale Tools, that enable a range of different torque settings to be applied.

Torque Calibration Tools

Torque calibration equipment is used for the testing, calibration and recalibration of torque tools. This ensures that torque equipment operates to peak performance and guarantees absolute and consistent accuracy, along with adherence to national and international standards. It also ensures that potential tooling problems are identified before they arise, ensuring that lifetime ownership costs are minimised. Torque calibration equipment is also used to predict the behaviour of fasteners and to recommend optimum torque.

Product Overview

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